Frequently Asked Questions

Novel Prep is located in Irvine, CA. You can check it out here for the Google Map’s route.

Our center is strategically situated to cater to a wide range of students, especially for those who’re nearby California’s Bay Area. 

We offer customized educational plans tailored to your academic goals. Begin with our complimentary initial consultation to learn more about our tuition structure and how we can address your unique learning needs.

At Novel Prep, we prioritize personalized attention with a small group setting, maintaining an optimal student/teacher ratio for effective learning and individual growth.

Novel Prep recognizes the individuality of each student, offering bespoke programs that leverage strengths and improve upon areas for growth. Our low student/teacher ratio, tailored curriculum, and seasoned academic coaches ensure a unique and supportive educational experience.

Novel Prep is committed to unlocking each student’s potential, guiding them towards their aspirations, and providing a superior education that serves them now and in the future.

Established in 2013, we began by guiding Chinese students towards U.S. private high school education. Embracing online learning in 2017, we expanded our reach, educating over 1000 students by 2019. By the end of 2023, we’ve impacted over 7000 students with 860,000+ hours of instruction, focusing on GPA management, academic gap bridging, grade improvement, and strategic academic planning. Our mission is to equip students for success at leading universities worldwide.

Our sought-after services include comprehensive test preparation (SAT, AP, TOEFL, ISEE),  credit course programs (U.S. High School Diploma Program, AP Credit Courses, Dual Credit Courses and AP Captone Program) , and also specialized tutoring for midlle & high school students.

Getting started is easy—fill out our online form, and we’ll reach out with more information and arrange your free initial consultation to set you on the path to academic achievement.

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