High School Pathway Program

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Now we accept students who are in G8 grade, will attend G9. Successful transition, Preview G9 studies

Pathway courses prepare students academically, socially, and emotionally, ensuring a seamless transition from middle school to high school. This program is implemented to ease the academic and social adjustment, ensuring a smooth progression for students as they move from one educational level to the next.

What is a High School Pathway Program?

How does it work ?

Available pathway courses offerings


Support students at different proficiency levels and ensure a smooth transition to the math curriculum in high school. The emphasis is on both addressing individual needs and fostering a positive and engaging learning environment.


This course sets the stage for a successful students through a seamless transition from junior high to high school academic journey, instilling confidence, curiosity, and a lifelong love for the sciences.


The English Pathway course is here to help students smoothly move from junior high to high school English. This all-inclusive course focuses on boosting essential language skills, improving critical thinking, and fostering a love for literature and effective communication. Using interactive lessons, writing practices, and group activities, students will be ready for the challenges of high school English.

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