Dual Enrollment Program (DEP)

A Powerful Accelerator for Advancing into Top Colleges

Why DEP ?

How does it work ?

The Dual Enrollment Program (DEP) offers dual credit courses that are recognized by American institutions based on California undergraduate educational resources. By completing dual credit courses online, students can earn credits that satisfy U.S. high school graduation requirements and are transferable to North American institutions of higher learning.

The National Center for the Study of Higher Education (NCPR), established by the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education, has released research showing that high school students enrolled in dual credit college courses are 12% more likely to be admitted to an undergraduate program, and 7% more likely to graduate from an undergraduate program, compared to other high school students (Speroni, C. 2011).

Dual credit is highly recognizable

Research shows that students who take dual credit courses are more likely to spend less time and expense getting their undergraduate degree Hughes, T. E. (2016).

Example: Completion of sophomore Jr. A, participate in Novel Prep dual-credit course program, after one year to earn 30 credits at the same time to meet the high school graduation credits, but also can earn transfer credits to the university, helicopter U.S. undergraduate sophomore, you can save nearly 50, 000USD, and undergraduate graduation time is shortened by one year.

Why Dual Credit Program?

Completion of a dual credit program means that a student has earned college-level credits. This not only lays a solid foundation for future study, but also helps students accelerate their college completion. According to statistics, nearly 90% of the top 100 colleges in the United States accept dual enrollment credits as college credits.

The picture shows the official website of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, one of the first eight “public Ivy League” universities, which recognizes dual enrollment credits taken in high school.

The picture shows the official website of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, one of the first eight “public Ivy League” universities, which recognizes dual enrollment credits taken in high school.

Multiple Pathways

After completing the required DEP dual credit courses, you will receive a U.S. High School Diploma + dual credit and be admitted as a U.S. sophomore in the following spring/fall.

Earn an estimated dual credit score/certificate of enrollment in a DEP dual credit course and apply to the U.S. undergraduate program as normal.

How dose it work ?

Live online classes, and after-class teaching assistants to answer questions and help with homework. Courses are offered by Community College at California, a higher education institution accredited and recognized by the Western Association for the Accreditation of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

After joining the DEP program, Novel Prep can simultaneously register students for U.S. high schools and California community colleges. Students can earn credits for U.S. high schools and some colleges course credits.The entire learning process is supported by professional academic teachers who monitor and remind students of their progress.

DEP Path

Canvas Online

Learning management system

Teaching assistants classroom

Sorting of important and difficult points

Online Q&A 1V1

Teaching assistants for each subject online Q&A timely solution

Detailed learning reports

Home-School communication

Reap Multiple Rewards

Students completing the required DEP dual credit courses online are eligible to

DEP Courses We Offer

Required eight 30-credit courses

  • English 1 A 
  • MATH 3A 
  • ECON 1 
  • ART 1
  • MATH 3B
  • ENGL 1B
  • ECON 2
  • ART 4

Optional courses

  • ENGL5
  • PSYCH 14 
  • HIST 7B 
  • ANTHR 1+1L 
  • MATH 13 
  • PSYCH 14 
  • HIST 7B 
  • ANTHR 1+1L 
  • MATH 13 
  • GEOG 1
  • COMM 20
  • MUSIC 15A 
  • MATH 3E 
  • CIS 25 
  • CIS 61 
  • PSYCH 1A

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