Novel Tutoring Program

Empower your child’s academic journey with our comprehensive tutoring program. Our experienced tutors are dedicated to providing personalized support to help students thrive.



Provide professional guidance for your studies, and set up goal !

Academic Planning

Review the student’s current GPA and academic performance to understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

Course Requirement Analysis

Evaluate the specific course requirements of the target colleges or universities and ensure the student is on track to meet these requirements.

Personal Development

Addressing personal challenges that may affect academic performance.

Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Explore opportunities for the student to enroll in honors or AP courses, if appropriate, to demonstrate academic rigor and readiness for college-level work.

Study Skills and Time Management

Offering strategies for effective study habits and time management, developing organizational skills and techniques for academic success.

Goal Setting

Collaborating with students to set short-term and long-term academic and career goals. Monitoring progress and providing encouragement to help students stay on track.

Academic coordinator

Follow up your goal, and biweekly feedback

Scheduling and Coordination

Evaluate the specific course requirements of the target colleges or universities and ensure the student is on track to meet these requirements.

Progress Monitoring

Tracking and evaluating student progress to ensure continuous improvement and success.

Parent Communication

Keeping parents informed about their child’s academic journey and performance updates.

Student Assessment

Developing and implementing assessment strategies to evaluate students’ academic progress and identifying areas for improvement.

Our Experienced and Qualified Tutors

Expert Educators

Our tutors are subject matter experts with a wealth of teaching experience.

Curriculum Development

Customizing study materials to align with school curriculum and individual student needs.

Personalized Guidance

They provide individualized attention, support, and mentorship to each student.

Enthusiastic Mentors

They are passionate about fostering a love for learning and academic growth for every student.

We provide a comfortable, relaxed study room for your after school studies.
Quite Study Room: Do homework quietly
Cafe Area: discuss with your friends/teachers
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Why Us?

inspire and empower students through engaging and innovative learning experiences.

After we set up the goal, all of our team will work together with you. School performance management Advisor-Set up Goal, Coordinator- check your school portal, follow up your school assignment, prepare for your School Exam

Many of our students have achieved significant improvements in their grades and academic performance.

Our students have gained confidence and a positive attitude towards learning and overcoming challenges.

Several of our students have successfully gained acceptance into their desired universities and programs.

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Let’s level up your grades, together

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